Nabeel S. Qureshi

About me

I’m a software engineer, writer, and Visiting Scholar at the Mercatus Center. I’m currently focused on modeling the impacts of AI, supported by Emergent Ventures. 

I’m interested in almost everything. Here are my favorite movies, books, and some reading lists. Here are some principles I try to keep in mind.

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Twitter: @nabeelqu
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More about me
  • I live in Brooklyn, New York City.
  • I grew up in England, and I’ve previously lived in SF and DC, as well as a one-year stint in France, and most recently spent a year fully nomadic. 
  • I studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford, specializing in Development Economics, Derek Parfit's philosophy, and the later philosophy of Wittgenstein.
  • I interned at the Bank of England in the summer of ‘08 (!) which was a dramatic introduction to central banking, quantitative easing, and financial crises.
  • Previously, I led various engagements with US federal agencies as an Enterprise Lead at Palantir Technologies, with experience in machine learning in the biosciences, public health during the COVID-19 response, and applied AI in drug discovery. 
  • I was also a founding employee and Vice President of Business Development at GoCardless, a Y Combinator (S11) funded company headquartered in London, now one of Europe’s biggest financial technology unicorns.